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Price and Costs


The listed prices on this website are F.O.B. Ho Chi Minh Port in Vietnam. It means the quoted prices are good to Ho Chi Minh City port only. The buyer agrees to pay for the shipping cost from the departure port to buyer’s final destination, including import duty and any other fee may occur from the time the vessel leave the departure port to the time of unloading the container.

Estimated Cost

The estimated costs to bring one 40’ container from Ho Chi Minh port, Vietnam, to Houston, Texas, for example, is about US$5000 to US$6,500 including:

–  Ocean freight from Vietnam to the LOng Beach Ca. port.

–  In land transport including rail from California to Houston and truck to deliver to customer’s store.

–  Import duty which is 5.6% of the invoice value.

–  Customs clearance fee, and other handling fees.

The total cost of pots for one 40’ container usually runs from $16,000 to $18,000 depending on the selected colors and shapes.

To estimate the delivered prices to a store, we can add about 30% to 40% on top our listed F.O.B. prices.