As a Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is an international and manufacture trader in ceramics garden pottery. They are a Vietnamese pottery manufacturer company and having factory situated at Binh Duong, south of Vietnam as well as successfully providing a huge variety of interior and exterior ceramic garden products all over the world. Inheriting knowledge from the ancestor, TT Pottery has a deep skill and wide knowledge in manufacturing ceramic garden products. They have been working for six years in the pottery business with their innovations as well as flexibility to modern technologies. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is fairly able to provide many variants in colors, patterns, and designs.

Their manufacturing procedures start from preparing materials, for instance, dip solve ray black clay, soak, then this clay is mixed with different materials to smooth blends. The difference of blend creates different pots. The black clay is hand formed into the mold, next firing, and glazing within wood burning kilns. The firing & cooling procedure is the last step to complete. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery feels proud to be skilled on manufacturing better products procedures. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery’s collections are very different, from style to quality as well as well-known in the pottery industry for their brilliant design and superior high-quality items.

Their garden pots are suit many gardens with variety about forming, style and color.  All of their products are traditional and contemporary, suitable for any places. Their products are handmade and they concentrated on modern design, style, and quality to meet the needs of the most demanding pottery store and large retailers. They have extensive manufacture abilities to warrant that they have both the capacity and ability to fulfill all orders, small and large. As a Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is able to satisfy their customers’ requirements competently from international to manufacture trading service. TT Pottery is founded in 2011 by John C. Nguyen as a small manufacturer.

But now market demand of their products have encouraged them to expand their production volume. Their endeavors to supply the highest quality garden pottery.  To keep their quality high, always they studied as well as applied new technologies to their garden production. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery adds their new products and designs in their online store as soon as they manufacture any products frequently to meet the need of their customer. For applying updated and developed new technologies in their manufacturing procedure their garden pots are able to satisfy customers’ demands from the different market in the world.

Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is grateful and thanks us for bearing in mind them as our source of handmade pottery. They also devoted to becoming our trustworthy supplier as well as will continue to deal a huge diversity of collections at competitive prices & superior customer service. We know – time is money. For that they emphasis on timely delivery. It is one of their concerns to increase prestige to the customer. In this way, TT Pottery has been gained huge popularity as well as has more and more customer from all corners of the world. As a Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery have been supplied to many clients worldwide.

They have good facilities of the online store, factories, showrooms that are well-equipped around skillful designers and workers. As a result, they can load and pack many products per month. That’s why they can support huge orders in a very short time.  Their packing divisions have good trained and experienced workers. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is responsible to guarantee that client’s goods are always packed perfectly as well as minimized damages. Just contact them via email to send your design and requirements. They will stick barcode and labels outside or insider of pots as your request. They can print barcode and labels according to your instruction too if you send to them 30 days before shipment.

Products will be wrapped by carton boards. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery motto is to provide their consumers with the best services such as punctual delivery, quality, and reliability at a competitive price. Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery’s products are functional, fashionable, Eco-friendly and durable. These are totally versatile for our hotel, office, home, restaurant, garden, swimming pool, sunrooms, and lobbies. Whether we are a professional homeowner or designers, Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is here to serve our home, office and garden designs requirements with an extensive collection of the finest pots. If we have individual thoughts they are willing to work with us to design a special item just for us. They are committed to continual research to make timeless designs, high-quality as well as toward a healthier universe. In a nutshell, Vietnamese pottery manufacturer TT Pottery is one of the leading manufacturers of garden pottery in Vietnam. Enjoy browsing TT Potter!