In 2001, with 512.000 USD for anicent vietnamese ceramic pottery product, there was big scandal in public opinion at international public sale.

Mr Kieu Quang Tran-a researcher about ancient vietnamese ceramic pottery at US shared that: “this is record for ancient vietmamese pottery because of buying high price as 512.000 USD.This public sales is fanstasic thing for persons who indulge acient pottery and scientists.”

1.Vietnamese pottery in the past

Many stored documents showed that vietnamese ceramic pottery in 10th century was developed strongly and had stable position by buying of chinese or Arabic merchants.And 11th century, Vietnamese blue glaze products imported many seaports of many nations. At the end Ly reign begin Tran Reign, there was new ceramic potteryproducts appearing with brown glaze on foudation ivory-white.In 14th century, Vietnamese ceramic pottery had new face with Colbalt glaze.

This Glazes supported to raise value of Tran reign’s ceramic pottery.Mr Kieu Quang Tran said that vietnamese potteryin 14th century had variety colors.And these ceramic pottery products were sent to Nguyen-Mong court, addition these products were value goods which many Chinese or Arabic brought and bought in many nations such as: Japan, Arabic, some of nation at Red sea area.

In fact, Vietnam ceramic pottery at that time appeared in 32 place-names of Southeast Asia, 10 place-names of Japan and Arabic’s palaces, Red sea area,Pech-xich Bay.And foreign merchants knew famous pottery trade villages in Viet Nam such as: Bat Trang , Huong Canh, Chu Dau, etc….

2.Vietnamese pottery products in Japan’s museums

In 15th century, Vietnamese ceramic pottery were bought by Japanese merchants, and used for the patricianc and joinned Japanese tea ceremony.They were affrimed that value products and art.

In Ne-Du museum of Japan, we cansee a tea-cup of Vietnamese ceramic pottery with decoracting pedals lotus, the own of it is mr Ca-na-mô-ri-xô-oa-a famous master about Japanese tea ceremony.Addition, at that time, Tokugawa Shogun owned many vietnamese ceramic pottery products in his edifice, specially there was white glaze pots with dragons and flowers which was known by many persons

3.Vietnamese pottery in international market.

After many centuries, vietnamese ceramic pottery became a wonderful messeger in doing bussiness international markets and making many foreign nations know that handicraft of vietnamese scraftman and great vietnamese culture