Vietnamese pottery is a product with traditional features of the culture of Vietnam long and strong identity. It is not only close objects, it is also a historical witness from the formation of the country to this day. Let’s find out about Vietnamese ceramics in the past and present.
In each Vietnamese family bowls, dishes, cups, cups made of pottery, porcelain and glass have become very familiar items in everyday life of every citizen. In particular, the ceramic products become traditional products of the people of Vietnam.

As far as we know, ancient Vietnamese ceramics appeared about 10,000 years ago with rugged handmade products with simple patterns.

Over time, by the clever exploration of pottery artisans who know how to use rotary tables in the process of making ceramics to create a variety of Vietnamese ceramics with bright glazes and sophisticated patterns. Products such as plates, cups, vases, statues, pottery pictures …

Throughout the history of Vietnam, many traditional pottery villages such as Bat Trang, Phu Lang, Chu Dau have been established and many craft villages have continued to pursue pottery and development to the present. Today, but also a few villages gradually disappear and disappear from the map of Vietnam ceramics.

Bat Trang pottery village is known as the largest ceramic village in our country, not only produce spiritual products such as worship that Bat Trang ceramics also promote the production of household appliances such as dishes Cups, … decorations such as vases, large flower vase … Bat Trang ceramic products are not only popular in the domestic market but also the world market favorite with thick enamel, smooth shadow Cry beautiful design …

The village of Chu Dau ceramics is famous in the past with the high-class pottery industry not only famous in the country, but the ceramic products Chu Dau also follow the traders to countries such as Japan, Spain, Thailand. Today, Chu Dau ancient ceramics are being enthusiastically restored by the people with large flower vase products, flowers … Chu Dau pottery products are rated as “as jade, thin as paper, white Like ivory, ringing like a bell “.

Today Vietnamese ceramics not only develop the expansion of production scale, but also know how to apply technology in the production of ceramics to save costs and reduce emissions to the environment. In recent years, Vietnam’s ceramics industry has always been the most developed industry in the country’s handicrafts. Not only expanding the scale of the ceramic industry but also investing in production and improving the science and technology to create a variety of product designs rich models. Hand-burned stoves, charcoal replaced with gas, manual turntables have been replaced by safe electric whirlpools and environmental protection, offering aesthetic and artistic value. .

Vietnamese ceramic products are not only diverse in design but also safe for health. Colors, patterns are hand painted by skilled craftsmen, flexible images bring customs and habits of the Vietnamese people create familiar feelings such as landscapes, flowers, … with products Such as dishes, cups, vases, statues, pottery pictures. Not only production but products used in living ceramic products with beautiful designs also selected as gifts for relatives, friends …
Vietnamese ceramic products are not only well-known in the domestic market but also in the world. Every year, our country exports ceramics to countries like Japan, Thailand, USA … mainly decorative ceramic products.