Why butterfly garden is needed. Actually, most of us love to look and to take snap butterflies. A butterfly garden means a garden where butterflies will visit now and then to amaze us. This type of gardening aim is to make an environment that charms butterflies. Colorful butterflies are attracted by colorful flowers. They visit the garden for two reasons – in search of nectar which they find from their friendly flowers. Secondly – for host plants to lay their eggs. To make a butterfly garden we need to grow butter friendly flowers with rich of nectar and plants which are suitable for butterflies to lay eggs that worms like to eat after their born.

Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery has as colorful as butterflies glazed pots to add a unique look to your butterfly’s garden. Keep in mind, butterflies love the sunny location for fluttering because they have no internal technique to raise their body temperature. Only the sun is the main source for them to warm their body. Less windy locations are the best for making a butterfly’s garden. That’s why, select a place which receives sunlight daily at least six hours. Then select nectar-rich flowers plants because butterflies appreciate those plants. For butterflies friendly garden design we can grow annuals in Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots for our container garden because annuals have all the elements to attract the butterflies most.

Butterflies also love to get shelter from the elements. For that, if we keep a group of Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots on our patio or balcony may deliver an interval from the windswept situations in open lands. For butterflies’ drinking adding saucer under the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s ceramic pot is a great idea too. By organizing our container garden with these elements we can attract about 700 species of butterflies in our container garden in a short time.

Now, we need to know what’s are butterflies’ friendly plants. To attract butterflies we need to grow nectar plants. Weeds, wildflowers, and flowers of non-hybrid varieties can be best in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots for our garden. We can pick up long blooming season’s plants, for instance, Queen Anne ’s lace, yarrow, zinnia, mums, gaura, lantana, nemesia, marigold, pentas, petunia, cosmos, verbena, butterfly weed, and lavender etc. Also, best butterfly bush such as buddleia, porterweeds, zinnias in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots which are usually covered in butterflies all summer long.

We should grow host plants in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots for our container garden to attract the butterflies to lay the eggs as well. Butterflies love to lay their eggs on the bottom of the leaves which later become the caterpillar as well as feed the host plant’s leaves. As host plants, we can grow in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed containers – common milkweed, hollyhock, black-eyed Susan, nasturtiums, coneflowers, asters etc. Herbs such as fennel and dill are fine for butterflies’ garden as well.

We should arrange those butterflies’ friendly plants at a different height. Growing plants in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed pots a combination of tall shrubs, trailing plants and low-growing flowers would be superb. We can apply the ‘thriller-spiller-filter’ system as well. Butterflies are able to see color. Vibrant color attract them greatly. They like warm and bold color for instance – lavender, pink, orange, purple, yellow, bluish green or red etc. Blooming in clusters, large flat petals or tubular flowers can be lures them too.

Sometimes butterflies nibbling on the mud or moist sands. Butterflies’ this behavior name is puddling. They do this to get minerals from the soil. So to make a puddling in the Vietnam Pottery Supplier TT Pottery’s glazed container garden we can place a shallow pan or saucer filling with coarse moist sand adding salt ½ – ¾ cup to one gallon of sand. After mixing these well we need to keep the sand wet all the time. Be careful and try to avoid using herbicides and pesticides in your butterflies’ garden because these pesticides will kill pollinators. Instead of using these chemicals pesticides use organic solutions. Well, that’s all. Apply these techniques and easily make a beautiful butterfly garden on your own!