Gardening is one of the best and most favorite hobbies and pastimes all over the world. Gardening provides so many values and facilities that hardly is obtainable from any other type of hobby. Gardening helps a person mentally, physically and economically that improves the quality of his life to a new level. Because of its popularity, businesses with gardening instruments are pretty profitable as well.

It requires different sets of elements and instruments to successfully start gardening. Some of the main elements are plants (obviously, without plants, no garden), soil, a land to plant the plants and regular maintenance. We always think of these things about gardening and obviously, these are. However, in the current age of modernization, the process of urbanization is so rapid that it’s consuming a large area landscape, leaving the least room possible for field gardening. That’s why people of urban areas find the best value in another type of gardening – pot gardening or container gardening.

Pot gardening, in simple, a garden with everything except the plants are planted in pots containing the preferable soil of the plant. The plants can be of any kind and pot garden gives a lot more flexibility in a different category.

Pot is the main difference between tradition gardening and pot gardening. Because of using pots to hold up plants, it gives ample opportunity to get a customized and charming look of the garden. With the combination of tall glazed outdoor pots and plants, the garden can be turned into a masterpiece of beauty.

Though the urbanization process is getting faster and faster, gardening is increasing as the first choice for more and more people especially those who live in cities. Cities are mostly void of any green touch and people are more interested in establishing their pot garden in their apartment or room or veranda.

Because of people’s increased demand of creating a garden of his own, the business of gardening tools and elements is a hot profession. The most important part is the pot where the plants live. Different types of pots are suitable for different types of plants and pot gardening gives the power to mix up different types of plants together in the same area, the same garden – regardless of the environment. Ceramic pots provide better quality and a lot more features, encouraging gardener to buy a ceramic pot for each of their plants.

There are many reasons gardeners generally prefer ceramic pots. Ceramic pots are harder and more durable than other types of pots. Ceramics offer a better look and glaze, helping to make the garden look brighter and sparkly. Moreover, they help plants to prevent many types of damages like freeze damage and hold the weight of the plant easily. For the decorative purpose, ceramic plant pots are known to be better suited with surroundings.

As a retailer, for starting a pot business, it’s the best to contact with some factory or company who does ceramic pots wholesale. Wholesale providers can supply more products at less price, enabling the retailer to earn a good amount of profit. However, there’re a lot of other prices that add up to the original price of the goods, like warehousing, transportation cost etc. that is cut from the profit of the retailer.

TT Pottery is a leading wholesaler of different types of pottery. Their factory is situated in Vietnam, one of the best places which are famed for its fine quality pottery. After manufacturing, wholesale garden pots are directly shipped to the U.S.

There are a number of reasons for choosing TT Pottery to buy pots. First of all, the quality of their wholesale pots for plants is very high due to firing the pots at a very high temperature, ensuring high durability and hardness to tolerate the heavy weight of soil and large plants. The color of the pots are vibrant and glazing and doesn’t fade away for a very long time. Outdoor ceramic pot, even if kept open to snow or sun ray, holds up the color as bright as new.

Above all, the main advantage for the retailer is the price. TT Pottery provides top class garden pots wholesale in a much lower price. It’s because they directly ship the products directly to the buyer’s doorstep, avoiding the cost of paying sales reps, trade show cost, advertising, marketing expenses, warehousing etc. Because of this, customers of TT Pottery are capable of saving around 50-60% of the cost and make a better profit than before. Custom styles, sizes, and designs are also available upon contact. TT Pottery also offers special packing for multiple location deliveries.

Because of all these features and benefits, TT Pottery is the top choice for any retailer to grow up their businesses and earn more profit. With pots from TT Pottery, any garden can be turned into a sparkly paradise of beauty. So, cheers!