Gardening is a favorite pastime for many people. Really, it’s one of the best choices out there. Gardening has some of the best physical and mental positive effects on human mind and body. Having a garden is the dream and pride of many people.

However, the space required for a garden is getting lower and lower with the spreading of urban life. Yet it didn’t incline the tendency of people’s dream of establishing his own garden. Gardening can help a person in many ways like relaxing, busting the stress out, health improvement and more. Hardcore gardening can also reduce your extra weight, keeping you refreshed all the time and have a sound health.

Gardening usually requires a bit large area to begin with. But in the urban areas, such space is quite rare. Even with the shortage of space, a garden can easily be set up. The technique is called pot gardening. A number of pots filled with suitable soil is a perfect setup for planting the suitable plant and start gardening.

Different types of plants require a different type of environments to grow up perfectly. For example, plants loving moisture have to be settled in a moisture preserving pot. There are different types of glazed earthenware pots to meet the plant need.

Gardening can also serve as a beautifying element to your house. Plants along their pots can create a sparkle anywhere, indoor or outdoor. For example, one can easily have an eye-catching welcome gate adorned with large outdoor ceramic plant pots. The pots can contain decorative plants and make anyone feel better.

The decoration is another core feature of pot gardening. You can place plants in different places of your house for having a better and more charming environment and save space at the same time. While going to the kitchen or into the drawing room, the green plants in the pots will always make a green flash in the eyes, making a good feeling in the person’s mind. Not only the plant but also the pot that’s used have a good impact in such circumstance.

Because of these benefits and people being deeply interested in gardening, there are a number of retailers who want to get a big number of ceramic pots for their stock. They have a best opportunity to do so at a lower price. TT Pottery is a leading brand for supplying glazed patio pots and another type of pots for gardeners.

TT Pottery is a wholesale company, selling high quality, startling ceramic pots for retailers. They also accept large scale orders from anyone. Their pots are manufactured in Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the top places where top class pottery is cherished. TT Pottery ships pots directly from the factory to the buyer.

The main facility of ordering a pot wholesale from TT Pottery is, it saves a huge amount of money. Generally, a product is shipped to specific dealer appointed for an area from the factory and collecting that product from him will cost more than the original. Also, there are other prices that add up to the end user price, such as, warehousing, transportation etc. on the seller part.

Shipping cost from TT Pottery factory in Vietnam directly to any store in the U.S. ranges from $2000-$4000 for each 40″ container. The price is pretty lower than other ways to obtain this type of large scale wholesalers. As they are directly shipping to the doorstep, there’s no extra charge for transportation, warehousing, and others. The fact is, the order has to be a wholesale and TT Pottery has a minimum amount a product can be ordered.

This is good for retailers to grow up their business because they’re directly collecting the product from the factory without resting anywhere in the road, cutting down the price for each pot. Retailers can get a huge profit even by keeping the price of the ceramic pots low. Thus, more customers will get attracted and the retailer’s business will grow exponentially.

Vietnam is one of the finest pottery production countries where for many decades, pottery has been developed and reached the premium perfection and sky touching quality. TT Pottery provides the best quality Vietnamese wholesale pots to the buyers. The pots developed by TT Pottery factory are made of high fire ceramics that are water resistant, frost resistant – two very important factor for plants to grow up properly. TT Pottery’s wholesale plant pots are suitable to use in both indoor and outdoor. These wholesale ceramic pots are highly durable and don’t fade away for a very long time, even if exposed to snow or sun ray.

Ceramic pots are one of the top attractions for both gardening and decoration. TT Pottery provides the best ceramic pots in the best price for retailers, allowing them to make a good profit and provide people the top class pottery for their garden and decoration.