How are these pottery made?

Every piece of TT Pottery is made by hand from Vietnamese black earthen ware clay. The inside of each pottery is cleaned with a glaze and then, fired in the kiln at over 1000 degree Celsius. This ensures the perfect environment for the ceramic to create the strongest bonds amongst the molecules, providing the strength and solid shape of the pot. This is also necessary to create the perfect glaze for more eye-catching views.

Why Choose TT Pottery?

TT Pottery is open for businesses and they’re a ceramic planters wholesaler. There are tons of other wholesalers like TT Pottery and they offer various facilities at the same time, quite similar to TT Pottery’s as well. But what makes TT Pottery different?

It’s the quality and the price of products, no doubt. TT Pottery, based in Vietnam and their staffs having extensive knowledge on Vietnamese pottery, creates the best quality ceramic gardening pots possible. Because of high quality and durability, the ceramic pots are quite popular amongst people especially with nurseries, home owners, and landscapers at the top. The ceramic pots being defensive against frost damage and several drainage holes for flowing out the extra water for saving the plant’s roots, ceramic patio pots are quite popular amongst gardeners and their garden fountain adds classic elements to every garden and a touch of sophistication and regality. TT Pottery several of fountains ensure us that we will be able to find the just the one to serve as our garden’s focal point. Most of their enormous pots are hugely strong to handle the vigorous root growth of plants as well as TT Pottery posts are able to uplift and increase the light in our garden.

The wholesale price is a big factor for retailers. This is the debut of TT Pottery. They offer the lowest price possible without any extra charge, saving a huge amount of money to the retailers and businesses. TT Pottery directly ships the ordered products directly to the buyer’s doorstep from the factory without paying the price of sales reps, marketing expenses, advertising, trade show costs, warehousing etc. All these steps require a lot of investment to finally sell the items to the customers and consequently, the price of the retail selling is pretty higher than factory price. However, TT Pottery, by avoiding all the expenses, offers retailers to grow up their businesses by selling gardening pots at a lower price and yet make a big amount of profit. Good Luck.