Most people now live in urban areas are like decorating the house and one of the popular trends which is widely applied is using ceramic pots planted. Then, they will arrange these flowering pots at the special areas and make space becomes more vivid, more eye-catching.


Many people believe that important new flowers, and potted plants, the type will do. Another one is the opposite to that pot is more important because it greatly influenced the development on. In two opinions on such may sound contradictory, but the reality is not. However we also support each other very well. If want the flowers grow well, the pot must necessarily good. When grown in a favorable environment, the trees also grow better.

On the market today have sold many different kinds of pots, but the most prominent of which is the production of ceramic pottery products are manufactured at pottery factory in Viet Nam. There are three reasons to choose ceramic Vietnam: The first is cheaper, the second, was crafted as the main, is the third best-quality pot. Although produced in the factory but all ceramic

Here are three sample pots are preferred.

Modern Pattern: Moderate size pots, traditional shape but have extremely vivid colors and bright, suitable for small to plant trees for the table or an area of small houses. Their color can be a single color or dual color, giving a dynamic look full of vitality to the space. In case of using this type of pot you absolutely can select various types of flowering plant

Creative Pattern: These are similar to ceramic pots previous model, however is somewhat more special. If the pattern on attractive colors, then this model attracted by definition lovely, pattern instead of direct carving, it is painted with special inks.

New role model: characteristics of this model is designed completely new and modern with unique folded edge, the majority are multi-faceted polygon shapes. And this design is suitable for decoration for advanced space or large buildings.

some note that when choosing a planter.

-The Choose a consistent pattern from the inside out.

-The Design plans beforehand.

-Can Combination of miniatures
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