Are you on the search for screening a room? Adding privacy to your patio, porch or terrace? If so, you should consider building a living privacy screen in tall ceramic planters! Yes, it’s living as it’s made of green plants that grow really well in tall ceramic planters gardens. It’s one of the most useful & practical things you can do. You can easily achieve this by plating tree-type plants, bushy shrubs and vining plants growing on the trellis.


Before you start your green privacy screen in tall ceramic planters, it’s important to consider how much sunlight is available on your balcony, patio or terrace. If you construct a privacy screen where a very tall building stands nearby, chances are, all your efforts will go in vain. The shade of the tall building will ruin your own privacy screen. There’s no point in letting all your efforts in vain, right?

Now, take a note of the height of your balcony. Do you wish to completely enclose a certain space? Or, you would rather have a partial screen that gives you privacy while sitting on your balcony or your bedroom? A partial screen is really useful as it allows some of the natural lights pass through the balcony area and window into your apartment. For some green view, growing such green screening in tall ceramic plantersare quite useful. You should choose proper plants that will thrive and grow properly in your area. You also have to ensure that the height of the plants is sufficient along with the height of the tall ceramic planters.

When selecting tall ceramic planters, choose a row of the same pots, or place boxes for lining the row at the same height. Tall ceramic plantersand boxes allow the roots to grow without being too heavy. They’re also weather resistant. If you want, you can even put your large tall ceramic planterson wheels/casters. This way, maintenance and moving them will be easier. You can periodically shift the package from place to place as a moving green screening!

Here are some recommendations for your green privacy screen. From left, you can arrange them by juniper, bamboo, ornamental grasses arborvitae, etc. You can also add some flower plants to the mixture for adding colors of interest.

  • Arborvitae This plant is evergreen and grows well in tall ceramic planters. It’s quite useful for growing in confined spaces. They can be lined up without any problem. These plants grow several feet per year while providing privacy the whole year.

  • Bamboo Bamboos are popular for their growth. A large group of bamboos growing in tall ceramic planters can create a nice-looking privacy screen. There are several types of bamboos like Sasa palmate, sacred bamboo, and hedge bamboo, etc. Some plants can be invasive, so watch out for those types. Bamboos are the light plant, so you have to add a little gravel to the tall ceramic planter’s bottom so that they don’t blow you over in a strong breeze.

  • Holly These plants are awesome for all year planting in tall ceramic planters and come up with lots of varieties.

  • Ivy, Clematis, and Hops These vining plants grow fast and great for covering trellis or balcony railings.

  • Junipers There are several junipers that grow well in tall ceramic planters. These are also great for your privacy screen.

  • Rose of Sharon This flowering shrub has a quick growth rate and blooms lovely flowers during summer. However, it sheds its leaves during winter.

  • Viburnum This flowering shrub grows fast. Like Rose of Sharon, this plant also sheds its leaves during winter, but the flowers have a wonderful aroma.

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If you’ve tried building your own living screen and didn’t find success, don’t get upset. Let’s get started again with the beautiful tall ceramic planters from TT Pottery and the experience of your previous gardening. With these tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to make the best possible green living screen for you. Enjoy the green of nature!