When working at your workplace, you might notice that you feel not good; something strange bothers you, but you can’t pinpoint the reason. It’s quite simple – the reason isn’t you or your habit; it’s the workplace. This issue is known as Sick Building Syndrome. We know that your work is quite important for you. That’s why there is something interesting to do – green greenery with best garden pottery! Sick Building Syndrome is a kind of situation when people inside a building doesn’t feel good or have the sickness for no apparent reason. Most of the times, things like this occur in places with a higher stress level and places without any plants.

In the case of indoors, air pollution is the most dominant cause. Comparing to the outdoor air, the indoor air volume is more polluted from adhesives, wood polishes, dry washed clothes, carpets, paints etc. Other chemicals like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, ammonia etc. are also present there. In addition, smoking contributes a large amount of such toxic compounds. Some of the other minor sources include AC, copy machines, and inadequate ventilation. I believe you all understand the sources. Now, time to fight against Sick Building Syndrome. Here are some of the effective ways you can follow.

Increase ventilation

Proper ventilation is the utmost priority. Allow the flow of more fresh air in your room, use/fix exhaust fans in AC rooms. Allow proper ventilation to other places like kitchens, washrooms, toilets etc. Plants with the best garden pottery also work great.

Use an air purifier

There are lots of air purifying gadgets available on the market. Get air filters, UV filters, ozone generators etc. Plants with best garden pottery are also quite good in it with other benefits.

Bring the house plants in best garden pottery

Within a period of 24 hours, the plants within a green wall & plants in best garden pottery can clean up a good percentage of the toxins from the air. Green walls (aka vertical gardens or living walls) are able to metabolize and absorb the toxins in the air and release oxygen at a better rate than the best garden pottery indoor plants alone. That’s a great addition to a healthier environment. Moreover, green walls also help to save a good portion of the budget. Due to its nature, there’s no need for additional ventilation or building temperature control. By cooling the building with the reduced wall surface and keeping warm during the cold, green walls help to keep the cost of air conditioning and heating at the minimal rate.

Besides all the health benefits, green walls also offer a connection with nature. It’s a vital necessity which is often missing in the modern offices. It’s more important for the employees working for 8 hours straight. By placing indoor plants in best garden pottery, it will help reduce the cost of air filtering. Plants with best garden pottery are good in consuming carbon dioxide, VOCs etc. It’s recommended to have 15-18 house plants grown in 15 cm containers or larger for a 2,000 ft2 home/office. The plants in best garden pottery are collectible easily from any nursery. Here are some of the best houseplants for air filtering purpose.

Areca Palm: It’s quite effective in absorbing xylene & toluene from the air. According to researchers, this plant also releases around 1 liter of water every 24 hours (1.8m in height), making it an effective humidifier as well. Place it in the best garden pottery for a better view as well.

Aglaonemas modestum: For home, it’s considered as a really useful plant. In China, it’s believed to bring good luck. To Thais, it’s regarded as the fortune plant. The most important thing is, this plant can absorb formaldehyde very effectively from the surrounding air.

Peace Lily: This plant is really powerful for its nature of cleansing Trichloroethylene (TCE). TCE is an important compound used in dry cleaning, printing inks, paints, adhesives, and varnishes etc. This can cause liver cancer. Placed in the best garden pottery, Peace Lily can keep you healthy.

Green spider plant (from plywood and particle boards) in best garden pottery also helps to purify indoor air. There are also other options available for your choice, including Dracaena massangeanaFicus benjaminaDracaena deremensisetc. Whenever you’re feeling not good or out of sorts, don’t put it aside. Take a look at your home. Maybe it’s time to spend a few bucks to get plants in the best garden pottery and recuperate what’s wrong. So go ahead, let the green in with the best garden pottery, and cleanse your home!