The process of art pottery Vietnam has evolved from antiquity to modern times.We can say developed pottery from the Ly.
1.Pottery Ly
During this period developed pottery and pottery creative boost.The potter has achieved the level of high-tech ingenuity and resources both technically and artistically.Pottery mainly for use in appliances such as all kinds of people, plates, bowls, teapots, cups, jars, freeze, jars, jars.Ceramics include large components with glaze it demonstrates a high level.There were many precious and beautiful ceramic products.

It must be said to be white glazed ceramics, soil type carefully filtered, smooth ceramic bone, muscular and heavy.It is covered with thick enamel.My degrees are celadon ceramics shifts launch.Celadon pottery artifacts intact and now also collections of decorative style float or sink in the mold.Terracotta motifs on the main draw of the people, terracotta dancers, flowers, but water.Both have been simplified to create simple strokes.This folk pottery style liberal form of coarser soil and reinforced ceramic celadon ceramic thick outer thin glaze coating, brown or ivory enamel.The drawings etched enamel before then.Simple lines and simple decoration vivid rustic.Building Ceramic pottery decorations including architecture developed to meet building’s architecture royal dynasty.

Ceramic building products are mostly brick, tile, tile roof crawling ashore tiles, roof tiles or bricks decorated the top.
Tiles decorated with floral vamp flooring or wall surface decoration in the temples for the palace architecture.
There are many types of tiles with shapes and packages of different sizes, with features rich decorations.
Other products, on the surface of each But stations decorative brick surface was applied to the surface of dies entrance in the square like …

Inside the brick are carved figures such as shower, top edge, roof edging, top executioner.
What kind of large ceramic embedded in the architecture as phoenixes, dragons bending.
The arrangement of the layout designed ceramic closely tied together.
This kind of diversity usually meets complex decorative nature and diversity of the types of buildings.
2.Ceiling Pottery
Vietnam pottery is the continued development based on the rich variety of the nationalistic and style ceiling.Household pottery and decorative pottery made other architectural Ly.Enameled ceramic household has three categories which are: celadon pottery shaping healthy, balanced, glaze thick, irregular flows yeast sometimes drops of thousands of lines of printing or relief pattern, the decoration is the lotus, chrysanthemum, the spiral pattern.
The types of dishes slightly roomy shape formation.There are also enzymes Jade crafted for the elite to serve the king and the nobles officialsWith the United brown ceramics such as strong and healthy civil reinforced ceramic styling thick, more porous raw celadon pottery, ivory or enamel coated yellow.
There are many types of different sizes to sharks can often contain the type of jars area.
The straight body type tall Lieng, engraved mouth jars herbs kite.Lieng, wings painted in birds.
The vases, teapots pattern is drawn into a brown border to paint, or brown bowl engraved to carpentry.
Can speak of artistic pottery and ceiling holding an important position in the development of ceramic art in Vietnam.
Life after enjoying the unique traditional ceramics such as the sophistication of celadon pottery, simple and strong of blue and white ceramic flower nap .Vietnam pottery maintains long-term and strong growth.
Art pottery Le Site: built in oven as Bat Trang pottery, Tho Ha village (brown ceramics), Phu Lang village (yellow glaze – color eel).
Ceramic art , this time, use the entrance directly onto the ceramic paint, and also used the lines painted or embossed style.
The application of both ways of development from the late Le Site onwards.
Entrance directly onto ceramic painted before firing, creating drawings on pottery obtain color features elegant, comfortable lively (almost as efficiently drawing on paper).
Decorative motifs are: geometric patterns, sometimes only line, hand line like melon twisting climb, strip wire flowers, the kind of pattern: clouds, fire clouds, waves, dragon phoenix cup provided, or the lotus flowers, chamomile, lime blossom, or animals: birds, crabs, fish, shrimp, horse.
Vietnamese or Chinese characters written as decoration on pottery workshop.