Small bowls, plates are close of human life. Spending long time, forming of theses changed because of competitition and elimination.

Three centery ago, Sai Gon didn’t have many plastic products or cheap chinese products, almost everybody often used Lai Thieu Pottery products, things which merchant at Nguyen Chi Thanh street called “stone things”. This name had orginin from simple model stype of poterry products with yellow glaze and heavy. Patterns of ceramicproducts were often: chicken, flowers,or simple signs.But that time was the most popular Vietnamese pottery because everybody used ceramic products.

Open economy was stated and Chinese products circulated at Sai Gon strongly, Chinese merchants moved into VietNam to offer. Alhough,price of pottery Lai Thieu products were cheaper than Chinese products but forming of these products were more beautiful than interior prodcucts. Starting a fight to invade market share in Viet Nam. A fight has large scale and exsited until now.

The final, Lai Thieu pottery products were false and market share of average customers belongs to Chinese products.

North pottery products joined this fight when Bat Trang pottery, Thai Binh pottery and Hai Duong pottery moved south Viet Nam. At that time, big manufacturers of South pottery, typical is Minh Long pottery checked interior market after producing exported pottery products. Kinds of products were divided 4 main kinds:

Chinese pottery products are formed by mould and using decal patterns with main purpose to reduce price of products, production fastly without sloving martial carefully so it is hiden damages to use it, specially children. But because models of these products are good-looking which are atrractive to major and cheap price, the biggest market share belongs to Chinese pottery products.

North Pottery products :were handmade procedure products by scraftmen, patterns showed traditional culure of Viet Nam, high stable characters so almost of south persons who moved into south to settle often used these products.

Lai Thieu pottery products had the lowest market share. Basing on these informations, we understood the advantages of Chinese pottery products in period (1995-2003).

A problem which Vietnamese pottery manufacturers must consider, they lost interior market to follow oder-forms from foreign nations.Chinese prodcuts circulate in VietNam strongly. Competition is terrible and having many challagens to recover interior market share. Ony brand which typical success Vietnamese pottery is Minh Long. But investing industrial scale production, using decal patterns, using machines despite of foming by scraftmen so spirit of pottery products was lost. Quality pottery prodcuts and assurance, Minh Long brand changed to have more market share , fight to chinese pottery products.