Vietnamese Pottery art is popular not only house products but also architecture. In 1937, at Van Phuc pagoda(budha relic), people found many bricks and stones which carved clever patterns such as: dragons, phoenix, typical patterns of 11th century.There were many bricks carved time construction of tower accurately( 3th period of Ly regin-1057).The epitaph of pagoda was written: 3th king of Ly reign ( Ly Thanh Ton) constructed this tower with hight 42 miles and gold-palted statue had high :2.4 miles in 1/1940.In Vinh Phuc Province, Binh Son tower


was built in 14th century, with clever pottery carving architecture. It included 14floors and hight same as Van Phuc Tower. In American domination period, government restored with big scale because the tower was going to collapse. Although restoring there

– Pottery-brick tower is popular typical acrchitecture at that time so there were persons who made this Job regulary.

– Glazing is the one of the most procedure Pottery tower construction.Scaftman often noted to size, hight ,etc.v…v… of tower , then they could carve with pottery patterns by drawing patterns simply .

– Way to construct Binh Son tower is different from way to construct of Cham towers .Cham Tower often built with the lowest high is 3 miles .After they buit tower with covered up sureface tower many bricks, they decorated they with glazing pottery products.

In order to reseach about Vietnamese pottery requiring many skills. During time in the past, researching potteryproducts relics showed difference of traditional Vietnamese ceramic art.Many results of unearth pottery supported many important information about appearance and developing of Vietnamese pottery art. We fixed guess of foreign researchers about ancient Vietnamese pottery.

Because of discovery ancient pottery products at ceramic trade villages in Viet Nam was great evidences asserting development of Vietnam ceramic from time appearance to improvement to have more


Conserving traditional VietNam pottery is encouraged by government strongly to keeping value traditional culuture of forefathers. But creation and improvement are two main ways to recovery and deverlopingVietnamese pottery.Many sraftmen shared