If you’re a nature enthusiast or know a couple names of different plants, you most likely know about the money plant. Thinking of planting money at your home? You’ve come to the right spot. I hope this article will help you shape your decision and your action with the money plant. This is a great plant that doesn’t require too much attention. A nice outdoor pottery wholesale pot and a little care are all it takes. It’s greatly water-loving, so you won’t have to worry about overwatering. The origin of money plant in Mexico and the northern part of South America. Generally, these trees are grown in a small, outdoor pottery wholesale pot.

But if planted in a larger space and gets proper treatment, it can reach up to 60 feet in their natural habitats. The plants have a slim body with palmate leaves at the top. In most cases, the trunk of money plant is braided, twisted and knotted. That’s why it’s also called braided money tree. At its natural habitat, money plant produces fruits. These fruits are oval in shape having 5 chambers inside. The seeds continue swelling inside the fruit until the outer layer is exploded, allowing the seeds to spread all over the place. The name of the plant came from a Feng Sui practice. According to it, the plant was thought to bring good luck & money to the owner. Try by yourself to become lucky with your own money plant!

Gather the seeds

Gathering money plant seeds is a bit difficult task. You have to collect the seeds as soon as the fruit tends to pop. After collecting the fruit, crack it open to gather the large seeds. The seeds have a nice reddish brown hue. Carefully check & discard unnecessary, damaged seeds. Collect only the good ones for the better result. Hurry to your outdoor pottery wholesale pot to plant the seed. If you don’t want to get the seed by yourself, you can easily buy it from your local garden center or nursery store. You can also check different online stores for money plant seeds. Then, plant the seed(s) in outdoor pottery wholesale pot.

Prepare an outdoor pottery wholesale store’ pot

There are lots of pottery available in the market. All of them claim to be the best pottery out there. However, there’s nothing like outdoor pottery wholesale pots from TT Pottery. They provide the best quality outdoor pottery wholesale pots possible. Moreover, their outdoor pottery wholesale is renowned all around the world. Those are the best for your beloved lucky tree. Once the seed is collected, time to prepare the pot it’ll grow in. Fill the outdoor pottery wholesale pot with fertile soil. Generally, the best composition for money plant is 5 parts potting soil, 2 parts coarse sand and 1 part perlite. After filling the pot, pour water in it to stabilize the soil. Let the excess water drain out of the pot for 15-20 minutes.

Sow the seeds

Now, time to sow the seed. Put each seed about ¼ inches deep in the soil. Make sure that the seed is positioned perfectly with the hole at the bottom for the better result. After sowing is complete, water the seed for setting properly with the soil. If the soil gets removed from the seed, put more soil on it.

Set outdoor pottery wholesale store’ pot at a right place

Time for the seed to grow. Put the pot in a bright & warm area. For example, a windowsill is a perfect place. For growing outdoor, you can place the pot in the south-facing area of the porch. Ensure that the warmth of the pot doesn’t go under 80°F. Use a propagation mat if needed. If you’re using a propagation mat outdoor, don’t forget to cover the pot with a plastic wrap.

Monitor the soil

The moisture is really important. Check it regularly. I recommend checking every single day, especially if you’re a propagation mat at outdoor. The mat can cause faster water vaporization. If needed, put a few 2-inches deep hole in the soil for better watering the entire soil. The seedling(s) should emerge within a week within the outdoor pottery wholesale pot. Remove the propagation mat if you were using. Continue watering the new seedling same as before. Be careful of not pouring water directly on the seedling, else it might hurt and damage the early development. It’ll also increase the chance of bacterial & fungal infections.

Money Plant care instructions and tips

Besides learning the basic knowledge of growing a plant, you should acknowledge a few of the money plant tips and tricks for a better growth of your lucky charm. If you don’t, all the efforts may go in vain. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Don’t forget to water the plant every 7-10 days. Depending on the moisture of the soil, the time skip may vary.
  • By placing the outdoor pottery wholesale pot in a pebbles filled saucer, you can increase the humidity in your home.
  • For feeding the plant, don’t forget to apply a quarter dose of fertilizer on a regular basis.
  • Every 2 years, you should report the plant. That’s why outdoor pottery wholesale pots from TT Pottery are better, as they’re cheap and very long lasting.
  • Put your plant in a place where air conditioning or heat vent doesn’t reach.
  • Place the plant in a place that’s moderately warm. Don’t move it here and there. Increasing the surrounding humidity is helpful for the better growth of money plant.

Well, I believe that you’re ready to get some cash from your money plant! Put it in an outdoor pottery wholesale pot and let it bring the luck!