In order to control strict markets such as: USA, Europe, Japan, Pottery products must be competitive character, good quality and attractive prices, suited with standard of world.

Good and Cheap are always contraction of manufacturers. That was main problem which every businessman must face but among of them, if they can slove and restrain that contraction, they will have more opportunities.

Preparing new improvement, Minh Long Brand makes new pottery products line: “ 3 in 1 ” Ly’Horeca with more special characters. Ly ‘Horeca are pottery products which often use in specialized restaurants, hotels or parties and they are the best choice to persons like number 1. They are not only clever beauty but also no chemist, so we are always safe. And that is main point of this line.

When mr Minh Long asked for what purpose of investing “gold spoon” program, he shared his opinions. Market of Viet Nam is high competition, if you don’t have new ways to adsvertise, you don’t miss many good opportunities to control market. ”Gold spoon” program makes part in restaurants,

The success of gold spoon is success of Minh Long and success of social . Contry foods for parties of restaurant, this required talent of good chief cooks.And this idea is the best way to advertise, impulse culinary culture of Viet Nam, advertise travelling, traditional culture.

Alternatively, in order to overpass pressure of Chinese products, Minh Long give new delivery strategy. Minh Long always has two parallel delivery chains One is traditional delivery chain with luxurious stores delivering and buying Minh long ‘s products. Other delivery chain is benefit system brings ceramic products to customer directly.