Made from special materials Plum-clolor outdoor glazed pottery planters are perfect products increasing subtle beauty for your house.They are one of Modern pottery lines of Viet Nam which make by creation of scraftsmen. With traditional potttery ways combines new ways, outdoor glazed planters contain spirit of forefathers and morden though of scraftsmen.

Plum-color outdoor glazed pottery pots have sophisticated lines,margin round, smooth color will brings new breath for your house.

These pots will be made from blend which mixing of white, yellow, red, and grey clays.All materials are dipped in water to get good blend. After these blend will be cut and poured into mould to perfect forming and dried under high temperature of sunlight.The next steps are firing and glazing for products. By using wooden kiln and firing green products in 1150-1200 degree celsious to create fully-products.

A perfect outdoor glazed planter has glossy surface and there isn’t any crazing .With

Please contact with our TTPOTTERY to have more informations about different pottery products. We are one of the best pottery manufacturers in Viet Nam having pottery factory in Binh Duong province.