Therefore, don’t waste time and kill yourself in projects, works with nervous feeling, please create a private space for you to relax in nature.Why don’t you grow some flowers or short grass in terracotta pots?

I think that’s a good idea for you to enjoy comfortable feeling in your house. If you have a garden, you can leverage it to construct special place to escape stressful feeling after work-hours.Some flower terracotta planters, A wooden chair and small table and lights from led sytem with warm-color,that is heaven in your house. If you are romatic, you also lisen to music and reading book which you like in your garden, please feel strong vatality within yourself in nature.Terracotta pots will increase attractive beauty for your garden.

I make sure that you will find out when you see them.Although we are living in modern equipments but you never see special feeling within plastic planters because hiding each pottery product is a piece of spirit from scraftsman . On the other hand, not like as plastic products,  pottery products are often durable and can stand high temperature of sunlight , specially not be changed shape .So they are perfect products for decorating your garden.

These terracotta pottery which you see in pictures are vietnamese pottery products. They are made from alum clay and mixed sand,and many different additive materials to get a smooth blend.Next step, this blend will be cut and poured into plastic mould to form .When they are dried, scraftsmen move them into wooden kiln to fire in 4-5 days with 700-900 degree celsious .The final step is cooling in 2 days before packing.

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