Maybe you wish to grow your own food but lacking the required space for a nice garden, or you don’t have enough time to spend on gardening – container gardening is a great solution for getting started. It doesn’t require lots of space and relatively less maintenance. You’re free to grow your own greens in outdoor ceramic pots right at your home!

With container gardening, you won’t have the option of missing your favorite green, fresh salad. It’s also very fast, easy and eco-friendly. Moreover, you can mix a variety of plants in your garden with specialized soils for each. Purchasing your salad greens from the grocery is more expensive than growing on your own. A salad bowl garden is truly a win/win. Keep on reading for finding out more about having an outdoor ceramic pots garden.

Benefits of a Salad Outdoor Ceramic Pots Garden

While the supermarkets are offering more and more choices, there’re still some greens at the grocer. Both of the places offer veggies at a relatively higher price and grocery costs more than the supermarkets. There are a lot more greens to choose from with more colors available.

In addition, the cost of growing your own greens in outdoor ceramic pots is at the fraction of the cost. You can harvest those just by plucking the leaves instead of the whole plants, having a continuous supply of fresh greens at your fingertips. Each plant should be able to provide you 3-4 harvests and within another few weeks, you can have an entirely new plant to harvest from!

By growing in outdoor ceramic pots, plants are less prone to get affected with soil-borne diseases and by pests. Thus, the garden will continue to provide you green vegetables all around the year. This is also dependent on the vegetables you choose to grow and their time to grow and bloom. Outdoor ceramic pots gardening requires less effort and shorter space to establish. With the repaid return, you can get matured lettuces within 3 weeks. For your kids, it’s also an educational source to learn more about green.

How to Grow Greens in Outdoor Ceramic Pots

There are lots of plants and veggies to choose from for your container garden. For example, lettuce is one of the oldest veggies that’s both succulent and desirable. By weeding out the weeds, you can get more harvest from your outdoor ceramic pots garden.

Along with growing lettuce, you have a wider choice of green plants like beet greens, spinach, kale or Swiss chard for your outdoor ceramic pots garden. Include a few edible herbs and PIZZAZZ your salads. Not all the plants require the same facilities. For instance, you can’t eat non-veggie herbs that require less maintenance and are drought tolerant. However, growing them in your outdoor ceramic pots garden is absolutely your choice, if you want.

For growing salad in the container, choose a pot or window box with the dimension of 18” width and 6-12” deep. Make sure that the containers have proper drainage holes. Now, you have to choose your plants. I recommend choosing the plants that thrive better in container gardens. Almost all the plants are, more or less, suitable for planting in your outdoor ceramic pots garden. Here are a few good suggestions. Likewise, you may choose plants like chervil, endive, arugula or lettuce etc. Fill the outdoor ceramic pots with good quality, pre-moistened soil.

In the outdoor ceramic pots, sow the seed about a centimeter deep and keep a distance of one seed to another. Water the soil during germination and thereafter. Lower the density of plants when they’re a few inches tall. You can toss the additional plants into a salad as micro-greens. When the plants grow about 10-15 cm tall, fertilize the soil properly. After a few weeks, you can start harvesting the plant for your salad.

Growing a salad garden in outdoor ceramic pots is really easy. Most of the salad plants grow fast and ready to harvest from your outdoor ceramic pot garden within 4-6 weeks. Grow your own collection of salad greens and enjoy. Happy salad gardening!