Hello and welcome. I’m Ruby from pot planter’s wholesale store TT Pottery. I’m a Micro Gardener. I want you to feel the gratification and enjoy the rewards of growing, cooking as well as eating life-giving, therapeutic foods. Plant’s leaves are often delicious. But many of us not aware that sometimes we can eat its flowers too. From incident time flowers has been eaten. How can we eat flowers? Flower’s colorful petals are usually can be used in salad. Edible flowers are an easy and fun way to add color and flavor to all sorts of dishes. Especially when we can pick those right form our own container garden.


Most edible flowers are easy to grow in pot planter’s wholesale store pot. We can eat these raw – just pick and wash with water. These flowers are better to consume at the early stage rather than waiting for a few days as they would mature and the taste would go bad. There are two important things that we need to know before using flowers petals in your dishes. The first caution is – keep in mind that all flowers are not edible. Some flowers can be poisonous. So, stick with flowers on the list that I have added. Or, do enough inquiry to make sure your safety. The 2nd caution is – don’t use flowers that have been sprayed with herbicide, fungicide or insecticide.

Now let’s see some pot planter’s wholesale store pot flowers that look good as well as tasted consider some of the following:

Alliums – Every part of these plants is edible and flavorful. Chives, leeks, and garlic are all delicious in green salads, pasta, and potato salads. Eliminate the central stalk from the flower bunch to discharge the separate flowerets.

Nasturtiums- It is one of the most popular edible pot planter’s wholesale store pot flowers that we can grow in pot planter’s wholesale store pot. Its flowers are radiantly colored with sweet, flowery flavor overflowing with a spicy pepper finish.  Nasturtiums’ all colors and varieties are tasty in salads or in garnishes. Its leaves can be eaten as well.

Marigolds – These great flowers are easy to grow in the pot planter’s wholesale store pot. These edible flowers blossoms are peppery, tangy, and spicy. Their vibrant golden color adds a dash to any dish. Their blossoms have a citrus taste.

Pansies and Johnny-jump-ups – These pot planter’s wholesale store pot flowers have a wintergreen flavor and look pretty on cakes and other desserts. Glaze with warmed jelly for a jeweled look.

Calendula – An easy and prolific edible flower that's easy to grow from seed right in the pot planter’s wholesale pot garden. Separate the petals from the center of the flower and sprinkle the petals into salads. Colors range from pure yellow to orange and red. Remove spent flowers and the plants will bloom continuously from early summer into late fall.

Anise hyssop – If you like pot planter’s wholesale store pot flower anise, this is the edible flower for you. Separate the florets and add them to sweet or savory dishes. Or, use the full flowers to garnish a cheese plate.

Honeysuckle – The blossoms make a pretty addition to salads. Don't use the berries; they're poisonous.

Scarlet runner beans – Mix these bright-red pot planter’s wholesale store pot flowers into salads, or in with steamed veggies.

Borage – This fuzzy-leaved herb has sky-blue flowers with a light cucumber taste. Add to fruit salads, green salads or freeze in ice cubes for cold drinks.

Bee balm – This pot planter’s wholesale store pot flower is the member of the mint family. It is minty-tasting flowers. Colors range from bright red to purple and pink.

Chamomile – English chamomile has small, daisy-like flowers with an apple-like flavor. If you're allergic to ragweed, you might want to avoid chamomile.

Daylily – Another pot planter’s wholesale pot garden flower name is Daylily. Its buds and flowers taste a bit like asparagus. They can be used as a garnish or can be stuffed or made into fritters. Good in stir-frys, too.

Mint – Like bee balm, all flowers of the mint family are edible, have a pleasant taste and able to grow easily in the pot planter’s wholesale store pot. Try lemon balm or spearmint in iced tea.

I hope you have found a list of edible flowers to add something new, exciting, colorful, and flavorful for your healthy meal. While picking your veggies, pick some flowers too! For ages, cooks have used flowers in cooking, mostly as a garnish or decoration. But in recent years, more folks are discovering the appeal of the colors and flavors of flowers, and are using them as ingredients.

In this article, hope I was able to introduce you how to use your own pot planter’s wholesale store pot flowers. Flowers are not only tasty, have healing benefits too. There you have it! Along with edible flowers list with endless possibilities. Who knew your food could be so enticing and colorful?