Vietnam is an ancient country with a traditional pottery industry. From the pots of bonsai to the large pots, under the skill of the Vietnamese artisans, they are covered with colors, sophisticated patterns, eye-catching viewer. Coming to Vietnam ceramics, not only to visit, admire, people are also hand-molded clay clay pots, flowers pots, pottery as pretty as the will.

Pottery made in Vietnam is a rigorous but very unique process, interesting, consisting of two main stages: ceramic and decorative, glaze finish. Creation consists of many smaller stages: first must choose land; Then treat, mix the soil; Shaping the soil at will and finally drying and repairing the shape. Each stage requires the professional skill and craftsmanship of artisans, especially the decoration and manufacture of enamel to create the ceramic products standard style Vietnamese ceramics.

Ceramic products in Bat Trang Village are prominent with the enamel coating, popularly known as glaze glaze, this type of glaze is slightly greenish or grayish in color, deep and deep.
That is why TT Pottery wants to provide high quality Ceramics for Restaurants, Cafes, Coffees, Showrooms, Retail Stores in all world.