Glazed ceramic pottery decoracted products with child pattern were popular model in Ly regin having Buddhist faith signification.We understood that child picture was symbol for lucky, happiness, more deep main was symbol which reminded us about bubbha picture when he was child.With that signification, we can see child picuture in famous project buddhist architecture under Ly reign such as:Phat Tich pagoda, Huong Son tower, Long Doi pagoda.

1.specific characteristics of cermic pottery with child pattern

After many years to research specimens of ceramic pottery under Ly reign with pottery products with child pattern at many famous vietnamese meseums, we collected many useful informations which helping us to understand ceramic pottery art at this period.


Style of decoracting child pattern only appeared typical ceramic pottery products:white galze, turquoise galze, green glaze. Addition, child pattern often decoracted within large plates

Decoracting tenchnique often showed by hidden carve or relief printing. But almost of specimens which found were used relief printing. Child

2.Some of child pattern combined lotus pattern in ceramic pottery Ly reign.

As you know lotus is typical

We will discovery examples of child pattern in ceramic pottery products with typical envidences:

– Child swims lotus pond:this typle is found in ivory-white plate,margin of plate is decoracted palindromes , center of plate is decoracted many lotus within many cricles.All are relief-printing.

– Child lies supine or frolies with nature combing small fruit patterns like as pomegrante.We can often see this style with turquoise glaze products

– Child appeard within orchilds and smiles: That is only specimen which found in excavated project at 62-64 Tran Phu Street , Ha Noi .etc….

– Child crawls within peony flowers:we often see this patterns in green glaze products, thin, this is speciment of VietNamese history museum

Child picture in ceramic pottery product Ly reign with chubby, goo-looking, pure,spontaneous face showed dream about happniness and lucky which always come to everybody in the world.