All of us are commonly familiar with retailers – for personal use, they sell services and goods directly to final customers. But, about the wholesalers we rarely know about them – they sell goods largely to the buyer for business or resale as well as operating behind the scenes. For individual consumers and business customers, wholesalers are important because most of the time, wholesaler purchase products from producers as well as sell to most industries, retailers, other wholesalers, commercial consumers etc.

In a word, two type of middlemen is required to form a part of the distribution channels – retailers and wholesalers. Between in the consumers and manufacturers, wholesalers act as an intermediary link. TT Pottery, an outdoor ceramic pots wholesaler, is a manufacturer of premium quality garden pots having their own online store.

Online Store – True Flexibility in Business

Currently, in the online world, the internet plays a great role in a revolution of social interaction, business, and research. Now, operating an online store has become a part and parcel for all wholesalers because it is easy to maintain product catalog, assure secure online payment, as well as order placement ways, are convenient for retailers. So for this great flexibility and convenience of online purchase, retailers prefer online wholesale store.

Why Online Store is good

There are so many reasons that online stores are becoming more and more popular. In fact, currently, it has become an inevitable part of any business. It’s the best way to benefit for both customers and sellers altogether. It offers so many advantages that are hardly ignorable. Before purchasing something, first of all, we compare the product quality and price of the same goods offers by different suppliers. For that, we need to take note of every single data point of each category and check them thoroughly to make the right decision.

Because of the online store, it’s thousand times easier now – just a matter of a couple clicks. It’s important for ordering a wholesale as comparing each individual product isn’t possible and every single detail matters when retailers sell them to the end customers. Moreover, online store allows making the better decision of a number of products – a retailer never wants to order one design to fill up his stock.

Online store makes sure that you can list up all your products as a wish list. Sometimes, we might need to do modifications in the final stage – when our listing is almost done. Previously, it wasn’t possible and if possible, very hard to do and a waste of both time and money. Thanks to the online store, before clicking the final button, you can do every type of changes to your wish list – without any further hassle. Looks pretty simple in the current age, but a life-saving facility for everyone.

Wholesale – Why Buy Wholesale

Wholesale is the selling process where a large number of products/goods are sold at relatively cheap price per unit. This is the process retailers buy goods by a huge number and sells them to customers. There are a lot of simple yet important points of wholesale. The biggest one is the time and money saving. As wholesalers are selling in a large number, they can easily afford lower prices that make them profit.

For a retailer, the cheap purchasing allows him to profit a lot very easily. The entire process saves up time by a lot. Instead of buying units one by one, a wholesale saves a lot. If the process becomes fixed, it’s a huge profit. Wholesalers have a fixed customer, retailers making more and more money and ordering more products from the wholesaler – leading both parties affluent.

TT Pottery – New Definition of Glazed Pots

TT Pottery is a garden containers wholesaler. As a ceramic pots wholesaler, TT Pottery offers the best products from their factory to businesses, nurseries, pottery stores and independent garden centers. There are many garden pot wholesaler in the market and all of them offer high- quality products to retailers and others. So, what makes TT Pottery distinguished from them?

It’s the quality and price of TT Pottery products. In the case of quality, TT Pottery doesn’t intend to compromise the slightest bit. The factory of TT Pottery is situated in Vietnam, the famous land known for the excellence in pottery. From the factory, they produce premium quality, world class pottery and deliver them all over the world. Their office in Austin, Texas allows TT Pottery export glazed ceramic pots to independent garden centers all over the USA.

The best part is the cost. TT Pottery directly ships the products from their Vietnam factory to the destination with their fast transport system. This process saves huge time and costs like the cost of sales reps, trade show costs, marketing expenses and warehousing – allowing businesses grow up rapidly while satisfying their customer with the large collection of designs of outdoor glazed pots. TT Pottery is the ultimate solution for retailers all over the world. Get your favorite design and premium ceramic pots now!