Adding plants in glazed pot to your tables and interior décor is one of the best ways to bring nature into the house. Many interior designers advise us to add plants in small spaces or tables, for instance, bookshelves, reception desks, conference room tables and more. For those locations, slow growing and dwarf plants are suitable to make the places more attractive. When picking a glazed pot plant for a centerpiece, it is necessary for thinking two things – the length of the foliage as well as the size of the root ball.

Choose small size root ball so it can be confined to a tabletop planter. For creating vertical interest, let the foliage to extend over the sides of the plant glazed pot. Here I have mentioned a few plants that fit these criteria. Those are slowly growing, small in size as well as perfect for tabletop décor.


Bromeliads are an amazingly diverse family of plants. They are easily familiar with their long-lasting inflorescence, stunning and lovely foliage. It is easy to grow bromeliads in a glazed pot and can be placed in shopping malls, office buildings, and hotel lobbies, because of their capability to bloom under artificial light. Bromeliad maintenance requirements differ from species to species. That’s why to search a bit before growing your chosen bromeliad so that you can ensure that it will thrive in the area you are designing. Moreover, few bromeliads are epiphytes that do not necessitate soil for growing & can be creatively presented & mounted.


Growing orchids in a glazed pot can bring elegance and sophistication beauty to any interior. There is a different type of orchids. Among them, Phalaenopsis orchids are available in a variety of colors. These are usually known as moth orchids and are easy to take care of. A mature Phalaenopsis orchid is 3 feet in height. Because of their abundant blooms and smaller size, they can create smart additions to bathroom counters, tables, office desks and more.


Smaller species of cacti & succulents can create a great tabletop arrangement. Nowadays, cacti and succulents are one of the most famous decorating trends. Growing these in a glazed pot, we can add a little bit greenery to our surroundings. We can create our dream design by artistically presenting numerous diverse types of these plants in the same glazed pot. For tabletop decoration, Cactus Cloche, Porch Jungle, Tabletop Terrariums, Seashell Sensation, etc. are mind-blowing.

Bonsai Pines

Bonsai Pines are the slowest growing evergreen conifers. They contain thick trunks. It is needle-like foliage which is like larger pine trees. These are suitable for the warmer interior setting. They can thrive in a glazed pot with a chiller seasonal change for part of the year as well. Bonsai pines like bright, airy places. The Japanese Black Pie, Scotch Pine, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus mugo, etc. are popular choices.

Peace Lilies

It is a fast-growing evergreen, tropical plant but doesn’t generally grow larger than a foot tall. These are beautiful, interior plants that require low-maintenance – you have to water just 2-3 times a week. These plants are able to grow well in low humidity. They can easily survive in the presence of air conditioning & bright lights. The shell-like flowers are long-lasting, aesthetically attractive & can provide some life to an otherwise dull room. You can keep it in a gorgeous glazed pot on your office desk, study table or TV console unit to enhance a touch of nature.

Sansevieria “Hahnii” (Bird Nest)

It is one of the most tolerant ornamental interior glazed pot plants and able to survive growing situations where other plants not able. It is a low-maintenance plant and has glossy, dark green, stiff & thick leaves. They form a decoration spiraling outer from the center of the plant. This Sanservieria structures yellow colored bands & superb for tabletop bowl displays. You can also choose Dracaena, Spider plant, Fig, Devil’s ivy, Snake plant, etc. Those also look gorgeous in glazed pot for your table décor.


Plants not only create our living space more luxurious and inviting, but also create our interior and exterior air healthier. There are tons of ways that we can incorporate interior plants into our table décor. Above mentioned potted plants are easy to grow in a glazed pot and can enhance your table beauty easily. Beautify your desk, table with these vibrant plants and fresh up your home, office décor with a touch of greenery!

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