I am an avid garden lover. I studied about landscape design and environmental horticulture. Container gardening is a great rewarding work nowadays. TT Pottery has a wonderful selection of glazed ceramic pot feet and container – various sizes, colors, and shapes according to anyone’s taste. The extraordinary design of glazed ceramic pot feet and container makes TT Pottery perfect for almost any environment. From office or home to hotel, from the public place to garden, the TT Pottery’s rare collection will never look out of space. Tired of looking at that ugly stain container sitting in your front yard? You spend so much time taking care of all features of your garden – watering the plants, cleaning the dead leaves, weeds etc. but black rings of container take away from all of the beauty you have created.

The place you kept all those containers also look not charming anymore, right? That was what happened to my garden. It was really a hassle to clean up all those stains and marks to maintain the glaze and charm of our backyard. Do you want to cut out this whole container garden cleanup chore? TT Pottery already has the perfect solution for you. Their endless variety of shapes and sizes of glazed ceramic pot feet are great choices for any container garden. Glazed ceramic pot feet is the best thing that we need to add to our succulent container garden. The planter pot feet are really useful overall. Let’s see whey those are so useful. Maybe many of us don’t know about the importance of pot feet, right?

Well, just check your rotted succulents in your pot without pot feet. Maybe now you will understand. Actually, glazed ceramic pot feet serve two major purposes – they prevent our pot from staining the surface underneath them and allow adequate air flow under the pot which allows the soil to dry off between watering. Without glazed ceramic pot feet, there is no space under the container to allow excellent air circulation and plenty of room for the water to flow out. Using glazed ceramic pot feet, not only our work becomes easy but also help to prolong the life of steps, decks, and porches. In addition, you’re getting a really trendy, stylish and gorgeous look to your garden. That is a big addition to the pride of any gardener.

Air circulation under a plant’s pot also helps the health of the plant’s root. The extra water gets out of the pot easily and the air flow supplies necessary oxygen and other elements to the root cells. With proper ventilation, the roots grow up quicker and better than normal. So, even on concrete, tile or stone, where we are worried about rot, lifting our containers a few inches is significant. Adding glazed ceramic pot feet in the decorative container gives a grand look. It’s a great way to keep our planters off of the ground as well as keep ventilation in pots that are planted. If your garden contains plants that don’t love water, using glazed ceramic pot feet technique is especially important for you. It’s not only helpful for the plant to survive, but also flourish and grow happily in the tiny soil space of its container. With the better root support, more nutrient to the plant and a better yield – either flower or fruit. Really tempting, right?

The decorative part is also really amazing. The color, size, and shape of the glazed ceramic pot feet can express another level of rhythm and theme. Additionally, there are different shapes glazed ceramic pot feet is available, like cat/dog feet, designs and much more. You will surely love those designs. My garden contains all the cat paws under each container, expressing my affection to cats. TT Pottery is a well-known, as well as highly respected brand of Vietnamese made pottery established in 2011, by John Nguyen who is familiar with modern techniques, cones, kiln firing, glazes and has own glaze laboratory, kilns, and equipment, etc. It is an individual trustworthy proprietorship company. They deal with glazed ceramic pot feet and container. They have craftsperson, professional ceramicist, and maker who helped them stand on the pillar of innovating and diversity.

TT Pottery offers the best glazed ceramic pot feet at the best prices. Combining ultra-modern design with the millennia-old tradition of Vietnamese ceramics, TT Pottery’ designers make spectacular exclusive works of art. Until next time, I hope TT Pottery will share more of their modern container and glazed ceramic pot feet with us soon. Please subscribe to TT Pottery site if you find their products helpful and visit their social media pages regularly to carry on to date with their newest products. Big honey sweet thanks for reading and visiting TT Pottery!