As a holiday houseplant, Cyclamen is a wonderful winter blooming plant which is famous around the holiday. It is easy to grow in TT Pottery’ wholesale ceramic plant pots indoor. The plant is native to Europe. There are twenty species of Cyclamen plants, most of those are hardy. Often, those plants are purchased for holiday’s decorations or for giving as a gift. Its heart-shaped leaves also make Cyclamen a fashionable gift for Valentine's Day, too.

It is a tuberous perennial and has dark green, heart-shaped leaves. Its surface ordinarily features a striking pattern marked in lighter white or green shade. These excellent houseplants are only 8 inches height and its gorgeous flower last for a long time. Although this winter, flowering plants like cool weather and bloom in the winter season, it can’t tolerate temperatures below freezing. For that, if you live in a cold winter environment and want to grow cyclamen, you need wholesale ceramic plant pots and a greenhouse.

Growing this plant in wholesale ceramic plant pots is super easy to take benefit of their blooming period. While your pot-grown cyclamen are blooming, you can move the wholesale ceramic plant pots to a place of honor on the deck or patio in your house. Once the flowers have passed, you can move the plants out of the way again. Many of us throw the plants once it’s done blooming because they think that it’s dying. But with the right cyclamen plant care, you can keep this plant for the year and get it to flower over and over again.

There are tons of gorgeous cyclamen varieties to choose for your wholesale ceramic plant pots’ garden. Some of the cyclamens have ruffled flowers and others are rounded. Anyway, whatever variety you select, you can’t go wrong. All of the cyclamens have big lucent flowers which come out to float above the beautiful heart-shaped foliage. It is an excellent wholesale ceramic plant pots’ garden plants for adding winter color in your home.

Cyclamens are not fussy. They just require some usual maintenance. With a little care, you can expect at least three or four weeks of blooming and flowers right through to spring. They can grow well in courtyard, windowsills, deck or patio wholesale ceramic plant pots’ garden. Keep in mind, never place your cyclamen wholesale ceramic plant pots in a hot position. The hot environment will kill your plant. Cyclamen have different varieties and each of them grows in different conditions. Potted cyclamen plants need well-draining medium and suitable slightly acidic soil.

Before planting, mix compost and organic matter to the wholesale ceramic plant pots’ soil. Actually, cyclamen are not heavy feeder’s plant. A little fertilizer is enough for them. For a cyclamen tuber, select wholesale ceramic plant pots that leave about 1 inch of space around the outside. Set the tuber on top of the soil and cover the tuber with half an inch of sand. Potted cyclamen plants prefer cool temperatures – 15° C during the daytime and the 10° C at night. They like bright light but dislike hot.

They grow best in semi-shaded areas. Be careful about too little light and high-temperatures as those may cause yellowing of leaves as well as flower buds to shrink before opening. In a nutshell, keep in mind three things can kill your wholesale ceramic plant pots’ cyclamen – heat, over-watering and very bright light. After flowering your cyclamen, plant’s leaves will be turned into yellow and the flowers will be fade. It’s time to make your plant for dormancy. By dormancy, you can get your plant to re-bloom again next year.

Wholesale ceramic plant pots’ garden cyclamen have issues with spider mites and soil gnats. It is hard to control, as well as most of us discard the plants. Spider mites can’t survive in too humid. To control this issue just raise the humidity level around the plant. Root decay is another most common problem. You can avoid this issue by well-drained soil. Soil gnats are a nuisance and rarely do damage to the wholesale ceramic plant pots’ cyclamen plant. To control this issue, just allow the soil to dry out or you can use yellow sticky trap.

These lovely plants can bloom year after year during the holidays with a little bit of proper care. Now, after reading this post, you have learned how you will take care your wholesale ceramic plant pots’ cyclamen plants. Hope now you will be able to enjoy cyclamen’s beauty all year round. This winter adds a bit of heart to your container garden and home with flowering cyclamens. Did you find this article helpful? If yes, please share this with your friends!