Welcome to the TT Pottery! TT Pottery is a garden products wholesaler company, provide best value products throughout the U.S. They have successfully established manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of all exclusive range of ceramic pottery which is focused on high-quality products and delivering on their customers’ expectations. TT Pottery is a family possessed pottery industry. This company is situated in Binh Duong, south of Vietnam. In 1992, its first kiln was built and TT Pottery office was opened in Austin, Taxas in 2011 by John C.Nguyen. As a large garden pots wholesaler,their mission is to export high-quality pottery in the U.S. as well as all over the world without visiting via any trading company or third party.

Pot gardening is the best solution for everyone in this era. Because of urbanization, free land for creating a traditional garden is becoming harder and harder. Pot gardening is quite flexible to cope up with the situation. It’s a type of garden that can integrate into any type of places, having the requirement of less trouble and the beauty of the mixture of different types of plants at the same place without worrying about the environment and soil at all. Really, you can use a different type of soil for each of the plants in a pot garden. It also gives the flexibility in maintenance and enjoying the beauty of nature anywhere in the office, home, auditoriums etc.

To keep up with the current trends, as a ceramic flower pots wholesaler TT Pottery’s Vietnamese designers actively work for exciting and contemporary pots design to satisfy all kind of consumers. Their spectacular products are suitable to tune up homes, hotels, office, hospitals, restaurants, resorts, apartment complex, golf course, municipalities, shopping malls and garden centers all across the world. Their wholesale Vietnamese handcrafted planter is available in volume orders as well as they constantly provide consistent service with high quality. Their pots are graceful, elegant & terrific too for brightening up our home and commercial regions.

Gardeners will find it very much pleasurable to use pots from TT Pottery to beautify their gardens with the sparkle of beautiful colors and designs. Pots for plants wholesaler TT Pottery makes sure that their pots and other products meet the best quality in color, glaze, shape, and size for every gardener’s needs. Their product quality is the main feature. For providing the finest and eye-catching shape, size and material, TT Pottery has invested heavily into their machinery for perfection. The ceramic pots provided by TT Pottery are burnt in heavy temperature for the best strength to withstand the plant’s and the soil’s weight altogether. That’s why ceramic pots are more suitable for larger and bigger plants.

Pot gardening is a great profession to many and that’s why there are many nurseries and organizations have grown all around. Because of their high demand, TT Pottery also supplies to businesses in a larger scale. They offer a very fair price for businesses like nurseries, retailers etc.

Ceramic flower pots wholesaler TT Pottery is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of handmade ceramic planters that is based in Vietnam. They are one of the reputed company that manufactures and trades an extensive range of containers to meet the requirements of their clients. Their products are highly impressive and sophisticated as well. Their offered plant-holder is prepared by Vietnamese creative designers with perfection using prime quality ceramic materials at their advanced production set up. For decorating commercial spaces or home, their provided pottery is highly demanded among customers. In addition to this, their valuable patrons are able easily to purchase the offered handmade ceramic container at price effective rates from them.

As a glazed pot, wholesaler TT Pottery is the best choice for retailers to grow up their business as well. It’s because TT Pottery just charges the pots of the factory price only, avoiding a lot of other sub-level payments like trade show costs, advertising, middle men, marketing expenses, sales reps, warehousing etc. that helps retailers make a huge amount of profit and grow up at a larger scale.

Pick out what you like and e-mail TT Pottery with your list. You just fill the order form and send to them to fill your order. They offer their customers a wide range of pottery. Vietnamese various potteries are available for our choosing. Just visit their company website and I believe you will enjoy yourself from there. Take a look!