Planting in the house is very helpful because the tree can produce more oxygen, helping the fresh air, is also capable of improving the living environment around. Some trees have a special ability to repel insects or aroma capable relax. And above all to bring home a lively atmosphere, thus not only once but every day planting trees at home has become a new trend.


if the pot should choose potted plant which are manufactured pottery in Vietnam, and the seed should choose the seeds for long-term instead of short term. Currently there are many types of flowers that bloom year-round capability.

If you want your house always looks beautiful in any form, you can choose these plants. However to achieve the best efficiency, the need to prepare the following basic steps.

1.Choose the color of the pot should match the style desired. If you want to have the perfect space using plants to decorate it to prepare a sample model is essential. Currently there are two popular forms of design. One is designed to focus and coordinate many factors into miniatures, used more gravel, sand, etc … to create a unique effect

2. Currently pottery decorated with quite a variety. If you use ceramic pots for planting in the garden, it is necessary to watch for yourself to building design How: put potted plants scattered in the garden or in the front door to balcony, or suspension, etc .. ..v … if you want to do a landscape, the model look like?These are very important because it can help you get the space decorated as you wish on the other hand to help you save is no less a waste of money.

3. Choose plants first and then choose pots that way you’ll know which model is right for your plant trees with long roots There should be part deep inside the pot. however there are species crawl out should be used more rigs climb ….

4.Do not rush to implement the plan on, learn about the plants you grow to be able to get the best results as desired.

5. Currently planted trends prevalent form of attack for each pot are separate beauty. You can mix many kinds of flower in same pot. Please see in designing magazine, you can learn many models to do this.

6. Please buy some basic garden tools to help you doing this. And you also research tips for caring flowers if you want them develop well.

7. please choose easy flowers to grow if you are beginner.

8. You can choose new models to increase beauty for your space. Don’t limit by some boring choices.