Ceramic is one of important invention which belongs to our forefather.It has existed for 1000 years and has clode relation with Vietnamese people. With creative ideas and skillful hands of craftsmen, ancient Vietnamese pottery becomes great folk form of art.

Tradiontional pottery

Ancient ceramic VietNam has appeared about 6000 or 7000 years. And having high developing strongly both quantity and quality.

Legend has it that appearance of ceramic is mysterious . “ pottery is one of starch which is under soid deeply, where ghost and devils gurarded”.If craftsmen want to exploit, they must choose good days .After soild is unearthed , base on sunlight, it will become pottery”

That legend is special story to imply ancient pottery techniques.Pottery factory are scattered everywhere in Viet Nam.Most of Provines have pottery area.We ofter find many ancient pieces glazed terra-cotta, terracotta pots, rustic pots, etc,v…v… which are along the banks of a river missied out.

Ancient Kiln

The center of pottery manufacturing still develop.Evey area has private character, supporting variety of Viet Nam ceramic.But all having same point that are developed at riversitde.Because it is easy to mive, and clay at riverside is good martial to produce pottery.

In fact, nowadays principle of operation isn’t different from ancient tenchniques.It still base on simple principle and contains three pieces but size of kiln today is smaller than ancient sixe of kiln.

Kiln has two kinds , special kiln and normal kiln.Pottery products of special kiln is used to do bussiniss with international markets.Pottery products of normal kiln are used to make things which we often use in life style such as: , cups, tea pots, glazed bowl, planter,etc,v..v….Of course products of special kinl having high quality more than products of normal kinl.

Pottery is one of pieces traditional spirits of Vietnamese. It brings many profits to pottery manufacturer in Viet Nam and showing old cultural our nations .