1. What is the average breakage percentage when the container delivered ?

Less than 1%

2. What to do when breakage happen at the delivery?

Please take the pictures of all broken pots, we need those pictures to claim with insurance. We will credit all the broken value of excess of 3% to the customer before we can get it back from the insurance company.

3. Who is responsible for the breakage ?

Customers allow the breakage up to 3% of the total value of the pots.

Customers agree to buy insurance for the shipment. In case breakage is higher than 3%, we will credit that to customers and we will claim with insurance later.

Lead time

1. Can I mix different colors for 1 item or 1 pallet?

Yes, you can mix up to 2 different colors in a pallet.

2. What is minimum order quantity for each item?

1 pallet per item – number of set per pallet is shown in the catalog

3. What is the best selection?

The best selection contains the best seller shapes and colors. Different markets may refer to different colors, but there are a number of colors that are always the best for sellers for years in all markets because the nature elements such as the color of water and the sky are the same everywhere. There are always reasons why certain pots become the best seller pots and this could be because of their shapes, sizes and the number of pots in a set. Please see our best seller shapes and colors.

4. What is the lead time?

3 months for production plus shipping time from 3 weeks to 6 weeks and depends on the delivery location.


1. How can I maximize the space in the container?

Order number of different filler items/ small items to fill up the gap on top of some pallet.

2. How do we pack the pots?

All pots are nested as a set with carton bundle and strapped around each set.

Sets with the same shape are stacked in pallets.

Ply wood is placed between each layer.

There is a strap around the pallet and PE shrink wrap around the pallet.


1. What is the payment term?

30% down

70% due, 5 days after the container is shipped.

2. Do we have a special payment option for new customers?

Yes, please call or email us for detail.


1. What are the prices listed in our catalog and website?

They are F.O.B prices in Ho Chi Minh City port in Vietnam. Customers need to pay for the shipping, from Vietnam. All price are for set with standard colors. Some premium colors may come with a small upcharge. Please see color chart for detail.

2. How do you divide the cost for individual pot from a price of the whole set ?

Our suggested formula as below:

S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7
Size 1 Largest 65% 55% 48% 48% 46% 45%
Size 2 35% 35% 34% 34% 29% 29%
Size 3 10% 14% 13% 12% 12%
Size 4 4% 3% 6% 5%
Size 5 2% 4% 4%
Size 6 3% 3%
Size 7 2%


Shipping – Delivery

1 How long does it take to ship from Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam to Miami port, Florida?

6 weeks

2. How long does it take to ship from Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam to Long Beach port, California?

3 weeks

3. How long does it take to ship from Ho Chi Minh port in Vietnam to Dallas, Texas?

35 days

4. How long does it take to unload a container?

Usually it takes 2 hours with 3 men, a fork lift and a pallet jack.

5. How many free hours can the truck driver wait for unload?

Most of the trucking companies allow 2 free hours to unload. They may charge about $85 per hour after that.

6. How much is the shipping cost for a 40’ container from Vietnam to Miami, FL?

From $4,500 to $6,000 including ocean freight, import duty, customs clearance and handling fees. The cost may vary depending on the delivery address and the time of the year.

7. What do I need to prepare unloading a container?

2-4 men

A forklift

A pallet jack

A digital camera in case there are broken pots that you may need to take the pictures of for claiming.

8. What port in Vietnam will the container will be shipped from?

All ports around Ho Chi Minh City, south of Vietnam.

9. Who will handle the shipment and delivery?

A shipping agent or a freight forwarder selected by customers. They offer all-in-one service including ocean freight from Vietnam, U. S customs clearance, and truck delivery to customer’s door.

Upon request, we will recommend an agent with the best rate and best services that we have good experience with.

l0. Who will pay the shipping cost?

Customers will pay for the shipping cost, import duty and handling fees from a port in Vietnam to customer’s place.